Getting Started with Cowboy Action Shooting™

Finding a Local Club

Required Firearms

Additional Accoutrements

Here’s a summary of how to get started:
  1. Find a local club and go watch a match or two. Ask questions and meet friendly folks!
  2. Join your local club or clubs.
  3. Join SASS and choose your alias.
  4. Ask your new friends at your SASS club to give you resources for guns, gear, ammo, and everything else you need to play.
  5. Reference the Cowboy Chronicle™ and the SASS website for additional resources and information.
  6. Register on the SASS Wire forum (on the SASS website) and make your first post to introduce yourself. The Wire forum is an excellent way to connect with fellow SASS shooters from around the world, sharing ideas, information, camaraderie, and support.
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